About Boone's Bay

Functional. Comfortable. Beautiful.

Finally. A shirt that women can wear in all aspects of our lives.
A shirt designed for all women…of all lifestyles.

Welcome to Boone’s Bay – thank you for taking the time to check us out. It all started in 2016, while at the ranch, our founder, Meredith Knight, wanted a more flattering “fishing shirt” to wear. After searching for months, she realized that this style simply didn’t exist. And, Boone’s Bay was born.

What started as a “fishing shirt” has proven to be so much more. Our ladies have discovered that their Boone’s Bay shirts are IDEAL for travel because they don’t wrinkle, are virtually stain proof and the long sleeve styles easily convert from long sleeves to short and back again for transitions between climates (and the outdoor temperatures versus temperatures indoors)!

Wear your Boone’s Bay shirt to the tailgate or the ball field. The moisture-wicking quality of the shirt will make it your new favorite game-day attire. Never again have sweat stains or sopping wet clothing after enduring hot temperatures outside.

Boone’s Bay has been created from the heart, to fill a gap in women’s clothing, but has transformed into so much more. Functional, comfortable, beautiful clothing that will serve you in every active aspect of your life.

Come share the adventure with us!


Dedicated to Boone

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Boone’s Bay products is given back to children’s charities.

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