I received my Boone’s Bay shirt right before our annual trip to CO and I can’t believe how much I wear it! Fabric is amazing – doesn’t wrinkle or stink when you sweat in it. I wear it with cut-offs, jeans and leggings. #gettingineverycolor

Bergen, Norway

My Boone’s Bay shirt is my new favorite go-anywhere, do-anything shirt. I’ve traveled from the US to Scotland and Norway in this shirt and it always looks like I’ve just picked it up from the cleaners!

Brooke in her Boone's Bay

Rockport, TX

I’m OBSESSED w/ my new women’s fishing shirt by @boonesbay they fit to perfection! So not only do I stay cool & protected from the sun…I feel pretty! A MUST for every ladies closet! Tight lines everyone!

Lisa wearing her Boone's Bay

Leander, TX

Staying cool, even on a Rockport, Tx patio in August!

Rebecca in her Boone's Bay

Indianapolis, IN

I have struggled in the past deciding what to wear for photo shoots. I want to look professional, but I need my outfit to be functional. I always end up sweating, laying on the ground, and walking through brush! This shirt is SO well planned and every detail thought out. Breathable, WRINKLE RESISTANT fabric, with just the right amount of stretch!

Spicewood, TX

I LOVE my new Boone’s Bay shirt! It’s UV protection is perfect for going out on the boat! I have the option to roll up my sleeves or keep them down. It functions as a great swim suit cover up! It’s an easy transition from the boat to the restaurant, looking GREAT!

Mary wearing her Boone's Bay shirt

Spicewood, TX

BEAUTIFUL fabric, packaging, personal service, children’s charities…win!!

Olga wearing her Boone's Bay shirt

Austin, TX

I love my Boone’s Bay shirt! Even at 6pm in September in Darrell K Royal stadium, I looked like I had been in the air conditioning all day!