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Boone’s Bay shirts are functional and comfortable while still being beautiful. Our fabric is wrinkle-resisting, UV-protecting, moisture-wicking and very lightweight. We also paid attention to the length. The shirt is long enough to wear with your most comfortable pair of yoga pants and you will still look “dressed up” for almost any appointment on your calendar. Wear these shirts to travel, to go out on the boat, to a parent-teacher conference or to the grocery store. 100% polyester.

We are continuously expanding our list of stores where Boone’s Bay can be found. If you are a retailer interested in carrying Boone’s Bay or if you are a customer looking to buy a shirt, please send an email to

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Functional. Comfortable. Beautiful.

Boone's Bay shirts have been designed with the highest attention to technical detail, making these shirts Functional, Comfortable and Beautiful.
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