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Elevate Your Casual Look: Dressing Up Women's Texas Shirts for Any Occasion

by Meredith Knight on May 01, 2024

Texas pride runs deep, and what better way to show it than with a stylish Texas shirt?

But who says Texas shirts are just for casual Fridays or lounging around the house? At Boone's Bay, we believe your favorite Texas threads can be transformed into versatile pieces that take you from a casual brunch to a night out.

This blog is your guide to upgrading your casual look with women's Texas shirts. We'll explore different ways to style them and introduce our hero product, the Texas Wildflower Camo Shirt, available in various sleeve lengths for year-round wear.

The Power of the Texas Button-Up

The classic Texas button-up shirt is a wardrobe essential. It's comfortable, polished, and instantly injects a dose of Texas spirit into your outfit. But with a little creativity, you can take this versatile piece and create a whole new look.

Here's how to upgrade your Texas button-up:

Tailored Chic

Don't be intimidated by a well-cut silhouette! Belt your shirt to the waistline and you will get an enviable shape while at the same time, you will maintain sophistication.

Mix and Match Textures

Make sure to work with textures as well and create details for increased visual effects. Add a knit sweater vest with a chunky texture on top of your button-up and you will have a warm and comfortable fall look. Maybe the sheer kimono-style chiffon will be a better choice for you as it has a bohemian touch.

Think Beyond Denim

The Texas shirt goes well with the denim, however, they are not the only combination, feel free to experiment! If you want to add a feminine touch, the midi skirt would be an excellent choice, but if you are thinking of office wear, then you can count on tailored trousers.

Accessorize Like an Expert

It’s amazing how a simple buckled shirt will transform into the highlight of your look, with the magical touch of accessories such as jewelry or a nice handbag. Consider chain statement necklaces, bracelet charms, or a colorful scarf.

Introducing the Texas Wildflower Camo: Your Year-Round Staple

At Boone's Bay, we're obsessed with our Texas Wildflower Camo Shirt. This unique design features a beautiful Texas wildflower pattern in a subtle camouflage print, offering the perfect blend of Texas pride and feminine flair.

The best part? The Texas Wildflower Camo Shirt comes in a variety of sleeve lengths, making it a year-round staple. The classic short sleeve is perfect for warmer months, while the long sleeve is ideal for cooler days or layering.

Style Inspiration with the Texas Wildflower Camo

Workday Chic

For the office, tuck your short-sleeved Texas Wildflower Camo shirt into a high-waisted pencil skirt. Add a blazer and heels for a polished and professional look.

Weekend Fun

On a casual Friday, go with a more relaxed vibe and wear your Long-Sleeve Texas Wildflower Camo shirt, making sure it's unbuttoned over a basic white tee. 

What about finishing it up with boyfriend jeans and clean sneakers, which will make the desired effect trendy and easy-going at the same time?

Night Out on the Town

Dress up your long-sleeved Texas Wildflower Camo by tying the bottom hem in a knot and pairing it with dark wash skinny jeans and booties. Add a statement necklace and bold lipstick for a touch of nighttime glamour.

Texas Style with Endless Possibilities

No matter your style, there's a way to elevate your Texas shirt and create outfits that are both comfortable and chic. With a little creativity and the perfect Texas shirt (like our Texas Wildflower Camo!), you can show off your Texas pride while looking your absolute best.

Visit Boone's Bay today and explore our collection of women's Texas shirts. We have something for every occasion, and with our variety of styles and sleeve lengths, you're sure to find the perfect Texas shirt to elevate your casual look!