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About Boone’s Bay Clothing

You don't have to choose between style & functionality.

Boone’s Bay has been created, from the heart, to fill a gap in women’s clothing. Our goal is to create functional, comfortable while still beautiful clothing that will serve you in every active aspect of your life. Boone’s Bay is luxuriously soft, wrinkle-resistant and unbelievably comfortable for everyday women, regardless of where life takes you.


There is a second story to the origin of Boone’s Bay – the name. While the shirt concept was born in December of 2016, the inspiration for the name was born March 6, 2016. Our second son, Boone, was a precious, healthy baby boy and a joy to all of us, including his older brother. Then, on April 10th, 2016, we woke up to discover that we’d lost Boone in a sleeping accident.

Life surprises us in this way sometimes. Sometime surprises hurt. But, that morning our family realized that you either give up or you press on. Giving up was not an option for us.

Then, in December, I was given the inspiration for a lifestyle shirt. I spent the next six or seven months setting the design in motion and searching for a name. I wanted the name of the line to be genuine – genuine to myself, to our family and to anyone who would share in the journey with us.

And, Boone’s Bay was born.

I hope that this line will be a legacy to the inspiration Boone gave to the lives of all who knew him…and, maybe even those who never had a chance to meet him. While we are passionate about spreading the message of safe sleep for babies, our family also knows that all aspects of all children’s lives are critical. And, for that reason, a portion of all proceeds from the sale of Boone’s Bay products is given back to a variety of children’s charities.