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The Ultimate Guide to Texas Hunting Seasons: What, When, and Where?

by MFG Team on September 08, 2023

Everything's bigger in Texas, and that certainly holds true for hunting. With its vast landscapes ranging from dense forests to expansive plains, the Lone Star State is a hunter's paradise. Whether you're aiming for a majestic whitetail deer, a swift-footed turkey, or the ever-elusive dove, Texas offers a plethora of hunting opportunities. Here's a comprehensive guide to the various hunting seasons in Texas, ensuring you're prepared for your next outdoor adventure.


Whitetail Deer Hunting Season


Archery Only: October 1 to November 4

General Season: November 5 to January 1 in the North Zone; November 5 to January 15 in the South Zone.


Popular deer hunting regions include the Edwards Plateau, South Texas Plains, and the Cross Timbers region.

Best Practices:

  • Scout areas in advance to identify deer movement patterns.
  • Implement scent control measures.
  • Use game calls and decoys judiciously to lure bucks.
  • Ensure you're using the appropriate ammunition and weapon for deer hunting.

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Turkey Hunting Season


Spring Season: April 1 to May 14

Fall Season: November 5 to January 1 in the North Zone; November 5 to January 15 in the South Zone.


The Rio Grande wild turkey is abundant in the South Texas Plains, while the Eastern turkey thrives in the Post Oak Savannah and Pineywoods regions.

Best Practices:

Learn the difference in calls between hens and gobblers.

Set up near a roosting site during the early morning.

Camouflage is key! Blend in with your surroundings.

Patiently wait; wild turkeys have keen eyesight and can detect movement easily.

Dove Hunting Season


North Zone: September 1 to November 12 and December 17 to January 1.

Central Zone: September 1 to November 6 and December 17 to January 14.

South Zone: September 14 to November 3 and December 17 to January 23.


Doves are plentiful throughout Texas, but hotspots include the Panhandle, Central Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley.

Best Practices:

Scout fields for feeding doves; they're particularly fond of sunflower and milo fields.

Stay still and silent; doves can be skittish.

Aim ahead of a flying dove for a better shot opportunity.

Utilize dove decoys to attract live birds.

Tips for a Successful Hunting Season in Texas

1. Licensing:

Before embarking on any hunting trip in Texas, ensure you have the necessary hunting license and any required stamps or endorsements.

2. Safety First:

Always adhere to safety guidelines. This includes wearing blaze orange during deer season, knowing your target, and being sure of what lies beyond it.

3. Respect the Land:

Whether hunting on public or private property, always respect the land. Leave no trace, retrieve all spent ammunition, and thank landowners if you're on private property.

4. Ethical Hunting:

Practice fair chase principles. This means giving the animal an equal chance to escape and only taking shots you're confident in.

5. Stay Updated:

Hunting regulations and seasons may vary slightly each year. Always refer to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's official resources for the most up-to-date information.

Texas boasts some of the best hunting opportunities in the nation. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a novice looking to dive into the sport, the vast landscapes and diverse game species make Texas a premier hunting destination. So gear up, review this guide, and get ready for an unparalleled hunting experience in the heart of Texas.

And remember, while the thrill of the hunt is always exciting, it's the memories and experiences you'll cherish the most. Happy hunting!