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A Woman’s Guide: What To Wear During A Hot Hike

what to wear during a hot hike tips


A Woman’s Guide: What To Wear During A Hot Hike

One thing that can make or break a hike is what you wear. If you aren’t wearing the right clothing, you may not enjoy your time outside as much as you could have. At Boone’s Bay, we believe in creating high performance shirts and dresses for real women, living real life who, more than looking beautiful, want to be comfortable too.

That’s why we put this guide together! To help you stay safe, comfortable, and happy during your hike.


Hot-Weather Hiking Tips for Women

When hiking in hot weather, your body needs to work harder to regulate its temperature than in cold weather. Therefore, you need to make sure to consider the tips below.  Please know that these are only suggestions and not actual medical advice.


Is the fabric you’re wearing breathable

Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are better than cotton because they wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. For example, our Original design (and all our designs!) are made of a synthetic fabric that quickly wicks away any moisture is extremely lightweight and breathable!


Always choose loose-fitting clothing for a hike

A hiker is prone to experience a variety of elements, whether you’re out in the cold, rain, or sun. While you need to be protected from the elements, it’s also important to consider comfort and how your skin will react. Wearing loose-fitting clothing allows for airflow around your body so that sweat can evaporate easily, helping to keep you from overheating. 


No matter the hiking season, protect your skin

Sun can be good for our skin, but more than 15 minutes of direct exposure can be harmful. The UV rays of the sun can be very harmful if your skin is left unprotected regularly – meaning, it doesn’t matter if you’re running errands, playing with your kids or enjoying a day at the beach, the negative effects of the sun on your skin are the same. Sunscreen will help you protect your skin but also can wearing the right functional clothing.

Boone’s Bay offers clothing designs that are fashionable and functional with 30+ UV protection built in! 


Don’t Forget the Rest! 

We love the sun and the beauty it gives the world, but, long-term,it doesn’t do beautiful things for our skin. We all know about putting sunscreen on our face, but most people don’t think about ears, neck and decolletage (upper chest).  The solution is simple – sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and Boone’s Bay!


One pro tip – make sure your hat isn’t too tight. 

You want some ventilation to also pass through your hat, further helping to keep you from overheating. If your hat does not provide full coverage for your neck, all of the Boone’s Bay collars have reinforced backing so that you can wear the collar fully extended to provide that extra protection for the back of your neck.  If you are also concerned about sun exposure to your decolletage, The Sun Tamer is the style for you.  Its full button-up collar makes sure that your chest is also covered with our SPF 30+ fabric.


Have you Thought About Gloves?


If you will be hiking in snowfall, you probably have already thought about gloves for their obvious protection from the cold. But, wearing gloves can also help protect your hands from sun damage, as well as getting dry and cracked while you hike. . Gloves are one thing you will want to have a snug fit.  You don’t want them to fall off while you're out on the trail!  However, Boone’s Bay has also thought of sun protection for your hands when you are on those hot summer hikes and want to eliminate the extra layer of gloves – check out the Sun Tamer with its hide-away cuff extensions.  Simply pull out the extension to protect the tops of your hands!


The Sun Tamer


Dangers Of Hiking Unprepared for the Elements

If you’re a woman who loves being active outdoors, you know overheating from heat is a real danger. Limit your risks by paying attention to a few small details before your hike.

Dehydration – Doing anything for a prolonged time in the heat, especially hiking, can cause dehydration if you don't drink enough water. It’s also important to hydrate for several hours before you start your hike.  Your body will absorb water better over a long period of time than if you try to drink a large amount of water quickly.  If you let yourself get thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  You can also choose drinks that are high in electrolytes and low in sugar to aid in your hydration.

Heat Cramps – Heat cramps, also known as spasms, are painful muscle contractions that can occur quickly during exertion in hot temperatures. Heat cramps can be caused by dehydration and loss of nutrients from excessive sweating. They're most common in the abdomen, back or arms/legs with heavy perspiration!

Heat Exhaustion - Heat exhaustion is the body's incapacity to withstand heat stress. Long-term exposure to high heat is not recommended. Signs of oncoming heat exhaustion can include some (or all) of the following symptoms: headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst, heavy sweating or elevated body temperature.  If you find yourself experiencing any of these, find a cool place immediately.  This can be indoors or even a shady spot.  Drink cool fluids and rest until your body temperature begins to come down. In severe cases, medical attention may be necessary. 


What is the Best Fabric for Women to Hike In?

Most people would jump at the chance to hike or be outdoors all year-round, but depending on the season and location, one of the most important things to consider is the fabric you’re wearing. 

The best fabric for women on those summer hikes should be functional - light weight, breathable and moisture-wicking. Finding these elements in clothing that is also comfortable and beautiful is virtually impossible – until Boone’s Bay came along.  Not only does Boone’s Bay offer these functional elements in our clothing, but we also offer fabrics that are soft and wrinkle-resistant.  Being outdoors and active on a hike doesn’t mean you have to end the hike in a sweat-soaked shirt! 


Difference Between Hiking Seasons?

Spring / Fall Hiking

For those of us in the south, spring and fall are the optimal times to hike.  Milder temperatures make a hike at any time of day more enjoyable.  Even better are late spring and early fall hikes when you can take advantage of the longer days!  The Sun Tamer and The Original Boone’s Bay styles are great for these times of year because the convertible sleeves can be worn fully extended (long sleeves) in the early morning and after sunset when temperatures are cooler.  Once the day warms up, simply roll the sleeves and secure using the fastener tabs for a cooler, short sleeve version! 

Summer Hiking

Let’s face it – summer hikes can be hot.  Boone’s Bay has styles for the extra hot days too.  The Summer Girl style short sleeves are perfect for those extra hot hikes.  Have you ever tried a hiking dress?  Boone’s Bay has that too in our Tailgater style!

Winter Hiking

Snow is always majestic, but make sure to consider the hazards, especially if you’re new to hiking in the snow. Dressing in a long-sleeve shirt topped with a coat is the way to go.  But, don’t want to be covered in wrinkles at the end of your hike?  Once again, Boone’s Bay is your solution!  And, as you warm up under your layers, Boone’s Bay fabrics will continue to wick moisture away from your skin.

Best Women’s Outdoor Active Wear

Cotton or Polyester?

There are many different fabrics a woman might choose before going out on a hike,   cotton and polyester being the two most common options. the best choice depends mainly on your climate and activity.  Cottons can be warmer, which is an advantage for a winter hike, if you don’t want to layer up.  However, polyesters offer better performance, including being lighter weight, more breathable and typically cooler. 

Cotton isn’t the best option for outdoor activities that have prolonged sun exposure. It absorbs and retains moisture, keeping you in wet fabric, which can be uncomfortable in wet or cold situations. 

Boone's Bay is a line of high-performance functional women’s clothing, our no-fuss polyester fabric looks perfectly pressed right out of the dryer. It has 30+ UV protection built into the fabric and will keep your skin protected and comfortable.

Moisture Wicking TShirts For Women

Here are pros and cons of cotton versus polyester fabrics for outdoor wear:


Staying Cool During a Hike?

Consider a the time of your hike: Hiking early in the morning or late in the evening means you'll have less sun exposure than if you go during the middle of the day.

Invest in a cooling towel: A cooling towel is made with specially designed fabric to absorb moisture away from your skin. The evaporation process will cool you down, so you don't overheat.

Pack snacks that maintain sodium levels: Snacking on salty snacks will help compensate for the sodium lost through sweating during your hike.

Wear full-coverage, lightweight clothing: Full-coverage, lightweight clothing will keep your body temperature down and keep the sun off your skin. Add a pair of sunglasses and a wide-brim hat and you’re ready to go!


Staying Fashionable & Comfortable Outdoors?

Everyone wants to look good regardless of the activity being done.  But,  during a hike it can seem impossible to find women’s clothing that is functional and but also looks nice. This lack of options is why we designed Boone’s Bay. Functional. Comfortable. Beautiful.

Boone's Bay shirts are functional, comfortable and, you guessed it – fashionable. Not only does our 100% polyester fabric look amazing, but it always looks perfectly pressed, right out of the dryer – all the time.

The Summer Girl

Why Boone's Bay?

Boone's Bay is a line of high-performance functional women’s clothing created for real women living real life, both in the great outdoors and also in the in everyday activities. 

It starts with our fabric. We use only the best fabrics designed to wick moisture away from your body, help regulate your temperature and keep you feeling cool, dry, and confident. Our products are made with premium materials and construction techniques that ensure they will last through any adventure.

We believe that comfort comes first. We don't just make clothes that work hard for you, we make clothes that keep you looking great while you are working hard!


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